American Constellation

The American Constellation is the latest small coastal cruise ship from American Cruise Lines. Uniquely designed to navigate the inland waterways of the East Coast and Intracoastal Waterway, the American Constellation brings passengers to some of the most beautiful locations in America. In the intimate atmosphere onboard, guests will find the largest staterooms in the industry, spacious lounges and observation decks and private balconies that offer spectacular viewing of the passing landscapes.

Ship Data

Cruise Line
American Cruise Lines

Ship Profile & Stats

Maiden Voyage
Pass. Cap. (dbl)
Crew Nat.
Officer Nat.
Dining Nat.

Ship Amenities

  • Satellite Television

Ship Facilities

  • Bars
  • Exercise Area
  • Grand Dining Room
  • Putting Green
  • Roof Deck Lounge
  • Spacious Lounges (4)

American Constellation Lounge

Private Balconies

Spacious Dining Room

Roof Deck Lounge

Main Dining Room

Level Name
01 Main Deck
02 2nd Deck
03 3rd Deck
04 4th Deck
05 5th Deck
06 6th Deck

Owner's Suite

At over 450 sq. ft. the American Constellation Owner's Suites are both spacious and elegantly appointed. Located on a private deck, each secluded suite offers our distinguished travelers amazing views from the private walk-out balcony. The well-furnished suites come fully equipped and offer a sitting area, writer’s desk, sliding glass door and full hotel-sized bathroom.

AAM (Private Balcony)

Our AAM staterooms are designed to offer the privacy you desire while cruising. With over 368 sq. ft. of living space, each room is elegantly furnished and features floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that lead to a private walk-out balcony. Each room offers interior entrances and completely unobstructed views.

Veranda Suite (Private Balcony)

With a generous 450 sq. ft. of relaxing space, each Veranda suite includes a private walk-out balcony to enjoy the panoramic views. Considered one of the finest staterooms on any cruise ship, guests will enjoy complimentary room service, full hotel-sized bathrooms and large living area with sliding glass door.

AAC (Private Balcony)

Featuring the most modern amenities, our spacious AAC staterooms offer the perfect retreat for travelers. With over 350 sq. ft. each stateroom is configured to maximize the interior living space. Each elegant stateroom features full sliding glass doors and a private walk-out balcony complete with table and chairs.

AAL (Private Balcony)

Our AAL staterooms offer all the comforts of home and amazing panoramic views. At 350 sq. ft. each room includes an interior entrance, expansive private walk-out balcony, and a large sitting area. These staterooms are the perfect sanctuary to relax in after a day of exploration.


Centrally located, these 302 sq. ft. staterooms offer amazing views and easy access to the lounge areas. You’ll enjoy the expansive views out of your own large opening picture window. Each room comes equipped with a large closet and hotel-size bathrooms.


The class A stateroom offer guests quiet and comfort during their cruise. Featuring a desk, satellite TV, large oversized picture window and a spacious living area at 246 sq. ft., these relaxing staterooms are ideal for river cruising.

Single (Private Balcony)

Solo travelers will find relaxing comfort in our single staterooms complete with a walk-out private balcony. Enjoy one of the largest single staterooms in the industry at 238 sq. ft., featuring a comfortable Twin bed, large private viewing window, and spacious full-sized bathrooms.


Find modern amenities and relaxing comfort in our 226 sq. ft. single staterooms. With a large picture window, Twin size beds and sizable bathrooms, these single staterooms are perfect for solo travelers.
  • Satellite Television
  • Bars
  • Exercise Area
  • Grand Dining Room
  • Putting Green
  • Roof Deck Lounge
  • Spacious Lounges (4)