92 foot Schooner Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Adventures' 92 foot Schooner Maple Leaf Ships

Maple Leaf is a classic, 92-foot schooner. She has a rich history of operation on the coast and draws an admiring crowd when we are alongside.

Maple Leaf is extremely safe and comfortable. She has an enviable reputation as both a beautiful and sea-worthy vessel.

Completely restored from 1980-1986 to new condition, Maple Leaf is fully inspected and certified by the Canadian Coast Guard as a passenger vessel, and is manned by a certified, competent crew. She is fully-equipped with the latest safety and navigation equipment including radar, G.P.S., E.P.I.R.B., radio-telephone and satellite communications.

Deck Space
Maple Leaf has lots of deck space, on which people may choose to sit and watch the coast's scenery, chat with others, steer the ship, or have quiet time alone.

Her deck is divided into three distinct areas, at different heights:
the foredeck (and the bowsprit for those who wish to "fly" over the ocean!),
the protected well deck (where people like to sit and read and watch the world), and, up a couple of steps, the aft deck (where you can chat with crew, sit and read or stand by the wheel).

A hand-crafted wooden ship
Like any well-engineered, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted ship, Maple Leaf is a work of art. She is made of coastal Douglas fir and cedar, with mahogany brightwork.

Small ship cruise on the schooner Maple Leaf - under sail Her curved deck planks, mahogany and glass butterfly hatches, fir beams, mahogany cabinetry and the sweep of her long cap rail are a pleasure to look at.

Kayaks and Shore Expedition Boats
Maple Leaf has two 15-foot Polaris rigid-hull inflatable boats for shore excursions and wildlife viewing.

These fantastic boats, made by Polaris in Vancouver, B.C., have taken us to some of the most exquisite and remote beaches, fantastic bear viewing, seabird watching and marine mammal viewing.

Small ship cruise on the schooner Maple Leaf - under sail We also carry good quality kayaks that are fun for anyone to paddle around an anchorage.

Maple Leaf has 5 huge sails: a jib, a staysail, a foresail (gaff-rigged), a mainsail (half the size of a basketball court!), and a square fisherman sail (a schooner's equivalent of a spinnaker).

Ship Data

Cruise Line
Maple Leaf Adventures

Ship Profile & Stats

92 foot

Ship Facilities

  • Dining Lounge
  • Library
  • Lots of Deck Space

Dining Areas

Deck Space

Interior Cabins

Her accommodations are very comfortable. Small ship cruise on the schooner Maple Leaf - wheelhouse The spacious main cabin is open and airy by day, and the sleeping areas offer large comfortable beds (bunks), six-and-a-half feet long, with fluffy duvets, pillows and throws and brass reading lamps. They have walls on two-and-a-half sides and thick, heavy curtains on the other one-and-a-half sides. There are three bathrooms (heads) with hot showers.
  • Dining Lounge
  • Library
  • Lots of Deck Space