Isla Champion, Floreana

The Champion Islet, named after the whaler Andrew Champion, is a small island (23.23 a) located just offshore Floreana Island in the southern part of the Archipelago, considered as one of the most beautiful places on Galapagos for all snorkeling and diving fans and an excellent opportunity for dolphin watching. It impresses already with its great diversity of exotic species on the land like penguins, blue-footed boobies, flamingos, pintail ducks and frigates. But we will find the major attraction of creatures in the water such as sea lions, sea tortoise, Galapagos sharks, whales, hammerheads, moray eels, giant mantas, starfish, wrasses, etc. Put on your diving gear and descent into a paradise of blue water, surrounded by all these splendid animals.

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