Gabrielea Bay, Russia

Gabrielea Bay, next to Cape Navarin is located in the north-western part of the Bering Sea to the south of Anadyr, on the far north-eastern coastline of Russia.

Cruise the Russian Far East in the footsteps of 18th century explorer Vitus Bering, where Gabrielea Bay sits in the sea named after him. Boasting one of the most abundant seabird colonies in northeast Russia, tens of thousands of seabirds can be seen on this bay and cape's spectacular cliffs. Cruise ships anchor out and passengers go ashore on Zodiac Inflatables, to look out for birds such as the Tufted Puffin and Black-legged Kittiwake. Another sight to see is a walrus haul-out. If passengers are fortunate, they also come across the Grey Whale, who occasionally moves through these waters. Gabriela Bay's wetlands dot the coastline, revealing the wildflowers that carpet the tundra, such as forget-me-nots and dwarf azaleas. The animals here regularly move between locations, so finding them is a matter of luck. However, a main attraction to be on the lookout for are walruses, Brown Bears and Beluga Whales.

Cruises generally commence in late Spring (April/May) and the season ends in September. The shorter season reflects the more northerly latitude and quite Arctic conditions of the region, however daily temperatures through the region are generally a pleasant 20c/70f through summer and can rise to the mid to high 20's. April and September are cooler.

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