Meynypilgyno, Russia

Meynypilgyno is a rural locality (a selo) in the Anadyrsky District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located southwest of Beringovsky. Municipally, it is incorporated as Meynypilgyno Rural Settlement.

Meynypilgyno is located on the shores of the Bering Sea, on a spit by the Vaamyechgyn lagoon, literally meaning the "meeting of rivers" in Chukchi. The word Meynypilgyno means "The Mouth" as the village is situated on the part of the spit which connects the Lagoon with the sea.

The village was founded in 1957 by Pavel Nypevi, after whom one of the village streets is named. Between 2003 and 2005 there was a general refurbishment of the village where all of the old buildings and houses were torn down and new ones erected in their place.

As with many Chukotkan villages, there are strong efforts made to keep the traditions of the indigenous peoples alive and although Meynypilgyno has modern facilities in the shape of a hospital, post office, high school and daycare centre, there is also a traditional Chukchi ensemble and cultural centre as well as an Orthodox chapel. In addition, residents still erect Yarangas (a cone-shaped or rounded reindeer-hide tent/teepee) along the coast in the summer.

There is a museum in the village dedicated to local ethnography and culture. It is a naturalist's paradise as the native flora and fauna abound along with all the unique arctic sea creatures and mammals found in the Bering Sea.

Meynypilgyno has a Tundra climate because the warmest month has an average temperature between 0 °C (32 °F) and 10 °C (50 °F).

Cruises generally commence in late Spring (April/May) and the season ends in September.

General Information:

Population: 391 (2014)
Language: Chukchi, Russian and a little Kerek
Currency: Russian Ruble
Time zone: PETT (UTC+12:00)[8]
Postal code(s): [9] 689125
Dialing code(s): +7 42733[10]

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