Anastasiya Bay, Russia

Anastasiya Bay is in Russia's isolated far east region. It is near Dezneva Bay and is a natural bay with walks inland taking you through prime habitat for nesting birds and wildlife viewing on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Anastasiya Bay is also a beachcomber’s dream. Vessels anchor and passengers board Zodiac Inflatables to go ashore and search the nearby coves for walrus haul-outs.

Expedition type cruises service this region. Ships are usually spacious, yet intimate and specially fitted-out expedition vessels, with as well as the ship's crew, incredibly well-trained Lecturers who introduce the natural history of the region during the days at sea.

Cruises generally commence in late Spring (April/May) and the season ends in September.

The shorter season reflects the more northerly latitude of the region, however daily temperatures through the region are generally a pleasant 20c/70f through summer and can rise to the mid to high 20’s. April and September are cooler.

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