Semidi, Alaska

The Semidi Islands are a group of islands of the state of Alaska, USA, lying offshore in the Gulf of Alaska.

The islands are part of Kodiak Island Borough and are located southwest of Kodiak Island, about half way between the Alaska Peninsula mainland and Chirikof Island.

The largest islands of the group are Aghiyuk Island and Chowiet Island. The island group has a total land area of 30.178 km² (11.652 sq mi) and are uninhabited.

They are part of the Alaska Peninsula unit of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and are an ideal location to visit by lovers of Arctic flora and fauna.

The Alaska Cruise season begins in May and ends in September. Although July and August are the warmest months to experience these incredible sites, autumn and spring are the most fun, the most beautiful and the savings are the best. Be prepared for one season colder than the time you are traveling from your departure point. This is especially important for those who travel early and late in the season. The average temperature range is from overnight lows of 4c to daytime temperatures of 17c.

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