Pingelap Atoll, Micronesia

The beautiful island of Pingelap is 4.2km long and 2.6km miles at its widest point. Only the largest island is inhabited with roughly 250 residents living mostly near the airfield on the western side. The Pingelap Atoll consists of three islands that are connected through a reef system. Have a cumulative land area of 2.82 km2. Locals speak Pingelapese, though English is also spoken. Pingelap is well known in medical circles, especially among geneticists thanks to the local's high occurrence of achromatopsia, (a type of colour-blindness). Neurologist Oliver Sacks states in his book “The Island of

General Information
Cruise Season - Jan-Dec
Currency - US Dollar (USD)
Time - UTC +11
Language - Pingelapese / English
Land area - 1.8 km²
Population - 250
Electricity - Standard US 110 volt with US plug outlets (2 flat prongs)
International Country Telephone Code - +691

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