Baroness Outlook, Floreana

Baroness Outlook is located on Floreana Island, an island of the Galapagos islands. It is infamous for its history of pirates, whalers, convicts and mysterious disappearances. Baroness outlook was the location of a self-proclaimed German woman who came to the island to live with her two lovers. Eventually one left and the baroness and her other lover disappeared. The mystery has never been solved.

Places of interest on Floreana Island include Punta Cormorant where there is a green sand beach inhabited by sea lions. At a nearby lagoon visitors can see pink flamingoes, rays and sea turtles. “Devil’s Crown” is popular with divers and snorkelers for its schools of fish, sea lions and turtles.

Things to See & Do

* Galapagos Flamingoes
* Cormorant Point
* Post Office Bay
* “Devil’s Crown” – dive and snorkeling site
* Cerro Alieri & Asilo de la Paz

Geneal Information

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – U.S. dollar (USD)
Language – Spanish
Land Area – 173 km²
Population – 100 approx
Electricity – 2 perpendicular flat pins USA style
Time – GMT minus five hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 593

Port Location - The port at Floreana Island is located at Puerto Velasco Ibarra.

Transport Links – A boat service is available from Santa Cruz, arriving approximately every two weeks.

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