Kei (Kai) Islands, Indonesia

Located in the south-eastern part of the Maluku Islands in the Maluku province of Indonesia. The Kei islands are made up of numerous islands including Kai Besar or Nuhu Yuut or Nusteen (Great Kei), Kai Kecil or Nuhu Roa or Nusyanat (Little Kei), Tanimbar Kei or Tnebar Evav, Kei Dulah or Du, Dulah Laut or Du Roa, Kuur Taam and the Tayandu Islands (Tahayad) groups.

Kei Kecil has the largest population and is a lifted coral reef. The capital is the town of Tual.

Kei is famous for its remote white sandy beaches with azure seas and wondrous coral reefs, that are unspoilt and as nature intended.

Things to see and do
* Tual - the capital of the Kei Islands
* Dullah Village
* Pasir Panjang Beach
* Forest Walks
* Elat - main town of Kei Besar

Cruise Season - Jan - Dec
Currency - Rupiah (IDR)
Language - Ambonese Malay
Land Area - 1,438 km²
Electricity - 2 angled flat pins and 1 round pin centred below Australian style
Time - GMT plus seven hours
International Country Telephone Code - + 62

Port Location - Main port of the Kei Islands is in the village of Tual.

Travel Links - There are several flights daily betwen Ambon and Langgur on Wings, Trigana and Expressair. Trigana also flies between Langgur and Dobo (Aru Islands) both ways, and from Saumlaki (Tanimbar Islands) to Langgur, while Expressair flies from Langgur to Saumlaki.

Pelni ships connect Tual with Ambon, the Bandas, Dobo (Aru) and Saumlaki (Tanimbar).The KM Koromolin car ferry goes from Tual to Larat in northern Tanimbar (on Tuesdays), and to Kur via Tayando (on Saturdays) weekly, while the similar KM Lobster goes twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) to Dobo in Aru.

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