Taku Harbour, Alaska

Taku Harbor is a small, remote bay located on the eastern shore of Stephens Passage about 22 miles southeast of central Juneau, Alaska, United States.

Taku Harbor is named after the Taku people; this name was applied as early as 1848 by Captain Lieutenant M. N. Vasilief of the Imperial Russian Navy. It was the site of Fort Durham, a trading post established by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1840; this location is now a National Historic Landmark.

On the eastern shore Taku Harbor is the community of Taku Harbor (alternatively spelled Tako, Takoo, or Takou and formerly known as Takokakaan or the Taku-kon Villages). This has comprised up to four Tlingit villages or camps. A census taken in 1880 provided a population count of 269.

The San Juan Fishing & Packing Company established a salmon cannery and cold-storage plant at Taku Harbor in 1901. It was the only such plant to operate in Alaska until 1909.

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