Lemnos (Greece)

Lemnos Greece lies between the islands of Lesvos and Samothraki, in the archipelago called North-Eastern Aegean. Still unspoiled by high tourism, Lemnos is a very attractive and authentic island. It is a magical place with superb beaches, numerous archaeological sites and a wonderful, unspoiled landscape. The traditional atmosphere of the island makes it even more appealing. Flamingos are living in the lakes on the northern part.

Lemnos is an island rich in history and natural beauty. It is mostly a mountainous island but has some nice beaches too. The castles and the archaeological sites of Lemnos testify its rich culture and active presence in the ancient times. Having successfully retained its traditional charm, Lemnos will give you a guaranteed refreshing vacation. Be it wine, cheese or honey, Lemnos produces a variety of local products, each with a distinct flavor, giving you a unique experience each time.

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