Datca, Turkey

(Datça pronounced Datcha, is the name of the 80 Km long peninsula National Reserve between Aegean and the Mediterranean seas and also the administrative town center of the peninsula).

The Datça peninsula (National Reserve as a whole) has a local population of about 10.000 with the Datça town having roughly one half (5000) in three settlements ("mahalle"s, Iskele, Old Datca & Resadiye) within a few Kms of each other. Iskele is by the sea and was the one with the least number of houses until the 1970s. Now it is the most important "mahalle".

The whole peninsula has spectacular topography with mountains as high as 1400 meters, pine, eucalyptus forests with literally millions of trees and of course many tens of thousands of olive, fig, orange, lemon, trees, vineyards, many small scale fruit and vegetable farms. The Friday & Saturday market in Datça (Iskele) where both villas are located, is a feast for eyes and palate, not to be missed.

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