Aitu, Cook Islands

Atui, the third largest and third most visited of the Cook Islands, is about half the size of Rarotonga. Legend says Tangaroa, the divine god of the sea, was the first inhabitant of Atiu. Captain Cook was the first European to sight the island on 31 March, 1777.

The island is also known as Enuamanu which means land of the birds. More species live there than on any of the other islands, and they include some of the world's rarest.

"If the purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness, the Cook Islanders have fulfilled that mission. (They are) experienced in the slow pace of daily life, in song and dance, in the peacefulness of their communities, in their warmth and genuine consideration for others and the desire to live their lives to the fullest."

That's how Jamaican, Clarence Lancelot Dunn sums up Cook Islanders after a two year adventure in which he visited all but one of the 15 islands.

Things to See & Do

*Walk along the beach, look up and marvel at a billion stars in a crystal clear sky
*Visit another island in the group
*Try noni juice
*Snorkel in a lagoon
*Take time to chat with the local people
*Take a trip round Rarotonga on Cook's Island Bus
*Go to an "island night"...and join in the dancing

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency - New Zealand Dollar - Local Currency cannot be used off the island
Language – English and Cook Islands Maori
Land Area – 236.7 km²
Population – 19569 approx
Electricity – 240 volts-50 hertz cycle which is the same as the UK, Australia and New Zealand
Time - GMT minus 10

Transport Links – Air Rarotonga is the airline of the Cook Islands and operates scheduled services to the islands.

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