Ulithi Atoll

Ulithi is an atoll in the Caroline Islands about 100 km east of Yap, in the Western Pacific Ocean about 191 km east of Yap. It consists of 40 islets surrounding the fourth largest lagoon in the world. It is administered by the state of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia. The lagoon features a few sunken World War II ships.

There are four inhabited islands on Ulithi Atoll. They are Falalop, Asor, Mogmog, and Fedarai. Falalop is the most accessible with an air strip, a small resort hotel, gas dealership, store and one of three public high schools in Yap state. Mogmog is the seat of the high chief of Ulithi Atoll though each island has its own chief.

Things to see and do

* Kayaking
* Diving
* Ceremonial dances
* Fishing

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – United States dollar (USD)
Language – English, Ulithian
Land Area – 4.5 km²
Population – 780 approx
Electricity – 2 angled flat pins and 1 round pin centred below Australian style
Time – GMT plus ten hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 691

Port Location – The major international port is at Yap. There are inter-island trading ships based here which visits the outlying islands.

Transport Links – There is an airstrip on the island of Falalop. Yap International Airport receives service from Continental Micronesia, a subsidiary of Continental Airlines.

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