Waterboat Point, Antarctic Peninsula

Waterboat Point in Paradise Harbour is on the mainland of the Antarctic Peninsula and is the site of an Argentine base, Almirante Brown. ’Waterboats’ were originally used to carry fresh water out to the whalers at sea and this site is so called because two stranded explorers once spent an entire Antarctic winter living under two boats on the shore. Gentoo penguins and humpback, minke or killer whales may be seen in the glacier-fed waters, which are often populated by passing icebergs

Paradise Bay is one of only two ports used for cruise ships to stop on the continent; the other is Neko Harbour. Cuverville Island or Île de Cavelier de Cuverville is located here. It is a dark, rocky island lying in Errera Channel between Arctowski Peninsula and the northern part of Rongé Island, off the west coast of Graham Land.

Things to see and do

* Gentoo penguin Colonies
* Sea lions& harbour seals
* Seabirds
* Whale watching
* Glaciers and ice floes

Cruise Season – Nov - April
Currency – Pound Sterling (GBP)
Language – English
Land Area – 352 km² approx
Population – 0
Electricity – 2 vertical square pins and one perpendicular below British style
Time – UTC plus five hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 44

Transport Links – Access is by zodiac from cruise ship. Cruises to Paradise Bay generally leave from Ushuaia in Argentina.

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