Petrel Island, South Georgia

Petrel Island is located southwest of Prion Island, lying in the Bay of Isles, South Georgia. It is the home of the French research station Dumont D’Urville and the nesting ground of snow and Wilson’s storm petrels.

Weather permitting, visit the station, walk the island shores and take Zodiacs out to admire the icefront of the Astrolabe Glacier.

Things to see and do

* Adelie, Gentoo penguins
* Seabirds
* Astrolabe Glacier
* King penguins

Cruise Season – Nov - April
Currency – Pound Sterling (GBP)
Language – English
Population – 0
Electricity – 2 vertical square pins and one perpendicular below British style
Time – UTC plus five hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 44

Transport Links – Cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula generally depart from Port Ushuaia, Argentina. There are daily Aerolineas Argentinas flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. LAN Chile (through its LAN Express services) flies a few times a week (currently three) from Santiago de Chile, stopping over in Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas.

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