Santa Ana Is, Solomons

Santa Ana is a small fertile island located 7.5 km east of Makira Island in the Makira-Ulawa province of the Solomon islands. The island is a raised coral atoll. There are two freshwater lakes on the island - Wairafa and Waipiapia. Two sea caves at Rate and Feru are believed to be the site of first habitation about 1280 BC.

Santa Ana is noted for carved wooden bowls which are often shaped like sharks, its bone fish hooks and imaginative fishing floats. Guided walks take you through shady forests where orchids abound. The reef provides excellent snorkelling and diving.

At Nataghera there are two custom houses with 500 years of ancestral remains. The houses are off limits to women and taking photos is not usually permitted.

Things to see and do

* Bird watching
* Surfing
* Trekking
* Traditional village visit
* Custom houses at Nataghera

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD)
Language – English, Melanesian Pijin
Land Area - 12 km
Population – 31,000 approx (Makira Ulawa)
Electricity – 2 angled flat pins and 1 round pin centred below Australian style
Time – GMT plus eleven hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 677

Port Location – There is an anchorage area located at Mary Bay.

Transport Links – One hour flight from Honiara to Kirakira. Options are also available to fly to Ulawa, Nanna or Santa Ana Island. Contact Solomon Airlines for more details. QDC also run a ship regularly to the province and is approximately eighteen hours on the Ship. The airstrip is located in the south of the island.

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