Savai'i Island, Samoa

Savai’i is the larger main island in the state of Samoa, formed by a massive basaltic shield volcano which rises from the seafloor of the western Pacific Ocean. Savai’i is an active volcano, which last erupted in 1911 with lava flows. The island is home to archaeological ruins, native villages and inviting white-sand beaches.

Attractions on Savai’i include the Pulemele’i Mound, Alofa’aga Blowholes, and Moso's Footprint, which date back to prehistoric times. Tafua Peninsula and the Tafua crater are worth visiting, and at Sale-ula visitors can see the arid landscape of volcanic lava flow from the last eruption between 1911-1916. There are unusual geographic formations and a half buried town at Sale-ula, where lava engulfed several churches and burnt all the Samoan wooden houses to ashes.

Things to see and do

* Tafua Peninsula & crater hike
* Sale-ula
* Alofaaga Blowholes
* Pulemelei Mound
* Moso’s Footprint

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – Tala (WST)
Language – French (Somoa)
Land Area – 2,831km²
Population – 50,000 approx
Electricity – 2 angled pins and 1 flat pin centred below Australian style
Time – GMT minus eleven hours
International Country Telephone Code – + 685

Port Location – The wharf is located at Saleologa on the south east corner of Savaii.

Transport Links – There are five daily flights from Apia to Moata Airport (Salelologa on the south eastern point of Savaii) take just 20 minutes.
Slow ferries depart from Mulifanua on the western side of Upolu 3-times per day. The trip takes 1.5 hours across the 18km straight separating the two islands arriving in Salelologa. The fast ferry takes 40-minutes and also departs Mulifanua Wharf three times a day.

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