Amanda Bay, Antarctica

Amanda Bay is approximately 3 km wide and 6 km deep, and opens north-north-west into Prydz Bay on the Ingrid Christensen Coast, Antarctica. Its south-west side is flanked by a glacier tongue and its southern and eastern sides are continental ice cliffs. Fast ice within the Prydz Bay render the sea ice unstable for most of the year and provide the Amanda Bay emperor penguin colony with good access to the sea for feeding. A colony of 3000 pairs of emperor penguins occupies a variable position in the south-west corner of Amanda Bay.

Thousands of Emperor Penguins and their chicks congregate in a fairy tale setting of granite islands, glaciers and icebergs at Amanda Bay. Here it is also possible to encounter abundant seals and marvel at the lines of penguins trekking over the ice to their colonies.

Things to see and do

* Emperor Penguins
* Glaciers
* Sea birds
* Icebergs
* Seals

Cruise Season – Nov - April
Currency – Australian Dollar (AUD)
Language – English
Time – GMT plus eight hours
Electricity - 2 Angled pins and 1 flat pin centered below Australian style
International Country Telephone Code – 61

Port Location – For trips to the Eastern Antarctic region, commonly used ports are: Hobart (Australia), Auckland and Lyttelton-Christchurch (New Zealand).

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