South Orkney Islands, Southern Ocean

The South Orkney Islands are a group of islands in the Southern Ocean, about 604 kilometres (375 mi) north-east of the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The archipelago comprises four main islands; Coronation Island, Lauie Island, Powell and Signy Islands.

There is no permanent human population on the South Orkney's. There are two research stations run by Argentina and Great Britain. Sovereignty is claimed by both Great Britain and Argentina.The Islands are under the Antarctic Treaty System which neither recognizes nor rejects claims of sovereignty.

Things to see and do

* Penguins
* Seals
* Sea birds

Cruise Season – Nov - April
Land Area – 620 km²
Population – 0
Time – GMT minus two hours

Transport Links – There are no airstrips on the island, the only access to the island is by boat. Most tourists arrive on icebreakers and other large vessels as a part of a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula.

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