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Cuba Cruise is a Canadian company created to offer Cuba cruise itineraries that give passengers an authentic Cuban experience - both culturally and geographically - while meeting the expectations of traditional Cuban All-inclusive Sun destinations.

The onboard experience offers passengers a wide range of typical cruise amenities and events. Nightly shows, Casino, gift shops, pool and a wide range of dining and entertainment facilities can all be experienced. Culturally the influence will be decidedly Cuban in flair.

The Cruise offers an exciting, safe way to explore more of Cuba and its people from the vantage of your moving resort.


The menu is based on
European continental with distinct Canadian content and flavor.

Meat and produce is mainly imported fresh from Canada weekly.

Breakfast is served Buffet Style in the La Scala Restaurant, as well as the
Rigoletto and Traviata Casual Dining Areas.

Lunch is served “A la Carte” in the La Scala Restaurantm as well as Buffet Style in
the Rigoletto and Traviata Casual Dining Areas.

Dinner is served “A la Carte” in the La Scala Restaurant and the Caruso Restaurant. The Alberta Prime Steakhouse is available at an extra cost.

Dinner is based around 2 set times, 6:30 pm and 8:45 pm which you can request at time of booking.