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  • Adventure Canada

    Adventure Canada

    Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada was created to bring travellers to Canada's "blank spaces", those areas whose remoteness alone made them special.

  • Affinity Cruises

    Affinity Cruises

    Come aboard the vessel Affinity and soak up the atmosphere in the region with heart – Marlborough or explore the beaches of Stewart Island or the ever changing moods of Magnificent Fiordland.

  • Alaskan Dream Cruises

    Alaskan Dream Cruises

    Alaska is not just what we do for a living, it’s our ancestral home, our life’s passion, and our legacy.

  • Albatros Expeditions

    Albatros Expeditions

    As part of the Albatros group, our company has amassed decades of know-how in the travel industry around the world, with an emphasis on our home turf, the Nordic countries. Albatros Expeditions has

  • American Cruise Lines

    American Cruise Lines

    American Cruise Lines is the leader in small ship cruising!Carrying no more than 100 guests,all ships are able to easily navigate America's smooth, inland waterways and dock in the heart of each port.

  • Antarctica 21

    Antarctica 21

    In the early 2000s, a group of friends in Punta Arenas, Chile, came together to develop a new model of Antarctic tourism; one that would provide an alternative to the traditional navigation from South

  • Antarpply Expeditions

    Antarpply Expeditions

    Antarpply Expeditions is a leading operator of small ship expedition cruises to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands. Antarpply is based in Ushuaia and specializes in taking small groups and indiv

  • Aranui Cruises

    Aranui Cruises

    The French polynesia cruise adventures aboard the Aranui freighter cruise lines take you to the remote Marquesas Islands, far from the routes of typical Tahiti cruise tours.

  • Aurora Expeditions

    Aurora Expeditions

    Cruising to the 'Heart of Nature', Aurora Expeditions is an Australian owned adventure travel company that specialises in taking small groups to the ends of the world and beyond.

  • Australis


    We are a cruise company specialized in navigating through the southernmost Chilean-Argentinan Patagonian channels.

  • Blount Small Ship Adventures

    Blount Small Ship Adventures

    Luther Blount, the founder of Blount Small Ship Adventures, could have stopped the day he coined the term “small ship cruising.”

  • Blue Lagoon Cruises

    Blue Lagoon Cruises

    Blue Lagoon cruises have years of expertise in ensuring you enjoy the best of Fiji on a carefree and relaxed cruise on board a small ship cruise around the Yasawa Islands.

  • Blue Water Adventures

    Blue Water Adventures

    Selected by National Geographic Traveler Magazine as one of the "World's 50 Best Trips!"

  • Burma Boating

    Burma Boating

    At Burma Boating, we organise sailing holidays in Burma (Myanmar). We have a classic wooden, two-master sailing yacht with an experienced crew to take care of your every desire.

  • Captain Cook Cruises

    Captain Cook Cruises

    From the Great Barrier Reef to the bays and beaches of Sydney Harbour to the outback vastness of the Murray River basin, Captain Cook Cruises draws on over 39 years of cruising knowledge to create uni

  • Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

    Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

    Captain Cook Cruises offers small-ship discovery cruises, day tours and cruising restaurants in the Fiji Islands.

  • Coral Expeditions

    Coral Expeditions

    Coral Expeditions is Australia’s leading small ship and expedition cruise line, with an unrivalled worldwide reputation for cruising excellence built over more than 30 years.

  • G Adventures

    G Adventures

    Marine & Expedition Cruises - Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit! With adventures in Antarctica/Arctic, Galapagos Islands, Greek Islands, Amazon River, Thailand and Brazil.

  • Galacruises Expeditions

    Galacruises Expeditions

    We, as Galacruises Expeditions, are a team of professional and dynamic people who know what responsible tourism means.

  • Heritage Expeditions

    Heritage Expeditions

    Every year Heritage Expeditions voyages with small groups of between 18 and 140 intrepid travellers to some of the most unique and remote islands, coasts and shorelines on earth aboard their expeditio