Eclipse, South Pacific from Sydney Return

South Pacific & New Zealand


11 Night Cruise sailing from Sydney return onboard Celebrity Eclipse.

11 Night Cruise sailing from Sydney return onboard Celebrity Eclipse.

Luxurious and upscale on every level, Celebrity Eclipse continues to set new standards in modern luxury vacations. Renowned for her contemporary décor and an extraordinary choice of dining options—you can also enjoy a wide selection of bars and lounges to suit every mood, almost endless entertainment from the impressive theater shows to the peace and quiet of the library, and variety of activities to keep mind, body, and soul in tune.

Highlights of this cruise:

Sydney, Australia
Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney offers so much—from beaches and wineries to stunning landmarks and world-class shopping. Tour architectural marvels like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, view life below the surface from Sydney Aquarium’s underwater walkways, or take it all in from above on a tour of the Sydney Tower. You’re never far from nature in this thriving urban center. Well-known surf beaches, zoos, national parks, whale watching tours, bush tours, and the Royal Botanic Gardens—featuring over 7,500 plants—offer visitors a chance to enjoy the area’s sunshine, lush greenery, wildlife, and clear blue oceans. Sydney is not only Australia’s oldest city, it is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities on the globe, offering a wealth of cuisines, unique museums, and cultural opportunities. Explore lively pubs, shops, and historic buildings at The Rocks, located on Sydney harbor.

Noumea, New Caledonia
Journey to a casual and cosmopolitan French colonial city of turquoise water and white-sand beaches. Nouméa offers world-class beaches, incredible snorkeling and diving opportunities, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for shopping, sitting at a seaside café, or strolling. Called the French Riviera of the Pacific, Nouméa boasts lovely French seaside restaurants, boutiques selling the finest Parisian designs, and streets lined with French colonial architecture. Nouméa’s cuisine reflects the city’s French roots. French flavors, fresh seafood, and local specialties such as Bougna (a Melanesian dish of seafood, chicken, and local produce) and mangrove oysters are all on the menu at Nouméa. Visit the Place des Cocotiers, where you can explore local artisanal goods, fashion, and taste delicious homemade specialties. Journey to the summit of Ouen Toro Hill for incredible views of the bay and city below. Explore the city’s rich colonial and World War II history at key landmarks and museums which feature World War relics and Melanesian art. Visit Nouméa’s aquarium, where you can view endangered sea turtles, or plunge into Nouméa’s wildlife-rich water and see a beautiful coral reef.

Mystery Island, Vanuatu
Located on the southernmost point of the Vanuatu archipelago, this little jewel of the South Pacific is completely uninhabited. Formerly used as an allied force landing strip during WWII, today only palm trees and sweet seclusion grow from the white sand of Mystery Island. The locals live across the waters on Tanna and visit the island during the day to spread their warmth, culture and wares. It's the perfect spot for couples, beach lovers, or anyone looking to lounge in an ocean of beauty and literally get away from it all.

Lifou, Loyalty Island
Known for its friendly residents and beautiful landscape, Lifou is located off the French island of New Caledonia. The first visitors to this island paradise were European whalers and today's guests can enjoy the same relaxed, timeless beauty. Picturesque cliff-top views, secluded beaches, fascinating caves, and rich traditional culture create a backdrop for a perfect stop.

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia
Untouched white sand beaches, tranquil blue water, lush vegetation, amazing underwater wonders, and superbly friendly people reside on this tiny island on the southern tip of New Caledonia. Its unique habitat and pristine coastline has earned Isle of Pines the UNESCO World Heritage designation, protecting it from overdevelopment. Here you can explore an underwater paradise of sea turtles, fragile coral reefs, and tropical fish on a snorkeling or SCUBA adventure. Float on a clear lagoon as tropical fish swim around you. Experience the white-sand coast, mysterious grottoes, and stunning white cliffs that rise out of the clear sea. After you’ve built up an appetite, rejoice in the fact it’s a land of French cuisine served in an island paradise. Enjoy famous Isle of Pines escargots drizzled in butter. Toast a day of sun and beauty with a glass of French champagne. Or, savor a fresh-baked croissant or a locally-sourced seafood dish. To bring home a piece of paradise, discover native Kunié handicrafts as you explore the island’s local boutiques that sell these wood carvings and leather work. Isles of Pines is nicknamed the "closest island to paradise" and we think you'll agree.

Pricing (per person)

  • All (16)
Quad Triple Twin Single

09 - Inside

AU$ 1,666 AU$ 1,877 AU$ 2,299 AU$ 4,398

10 - Inside

AU$ 1,673 AU$ 1,886 AU$ 2,313 AU$ 4,426

08 - Outside

AU$ 1,943 AU$ 2,246 AU$ 2,769 AU$ 5,238

07 - Outside

AU$ 2,009 AU$ 2,335 AU$ 2,860 AU$ 5,424

2C - Balcony

AU$ 2,135 AU$ 2,508 AU$ 3,053 AU$ 5,798

2B - Balcony

AU$ 2,215 AU$ 2,614 AU$ 3,187 AU$ 6,022

1C - Balcony

AU$ 2,241 AU$ 2,650 AU$ 3,223 AU$ 6,096

1B - Balcony

AU$ 2,268 AU$ 2,685 AU$ 3,260 AU$ 6,171

1A - Balcony

AU$ 2,288 AU$ 2,712 AU$ 3,287 AU$ 6,227

2A - Balcony

AU$ 2,295 AU$ 2,721 AU$ 3,297 AU$ 6,246

SV - Balcony

AU$ 2,335 AU$ 2,774 AU$ 3,342 AU$ 6,358

C3 - Balcony

AU$ 2,466 AU$ 2,895 AU$ 3,470 AU$ 6,498

C2 - Balcony

AU$ 2,533 AU$ 2,984 AU$ 3,562 AU$ 6,686

C1 - Balcony

AU$ 2,733 AU$ 3,251 AU$ 3,836 AU$ 7,246

A2 - Balcony

AU$ 3,106 AU$ 3,433 AU$ 4,087 AU$ 7,758

FV - Balcony

AU$ 3,015 AU$ 3,543 AU$ 4,333 AU$ 8,262

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