Polaris, South America & Antarctic Discovery ex Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia

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17 Night Cruise sailing from Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia aboard Polaris.

17 Night Cruise sailing from Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia aboard Polaris.

Embark on a journey of extremes, from icy Antarctica to tropical Rio. Overnight in Buenos Aires, then your journey begins in Ushuaia, the city at the “End of the World.” Venture to the snowy Antarctic Peninsula, where colossal penguin colonies, awe-inspiring icescapes, migratory whales, lounging seals and soaring seabirds await. Visit the windswept Falkland Islands and cultural treasures await in South America’s fabled cities, from elegant Montevideo to vibrant Rio.

Highlights of this cruise:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Cidade Maravilhosa, or “Marvelous City,” is blessed with a stunning setting so unique that UNESCO gave it World Heritage Site status. Gaze at the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue perched atop Corcovado mountain and admire the azure-blue waters as they lap against the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Take a cable car to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain and marvel at the panoramic vistas below.

Paranaguá, Brazil
Cruise to idyllic Ilha do Mel, where you can enjoy a rainforest hike to the Encantadas Cave or take in the striking ocean vistas of Praia de Fora. Or, explore the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest while hiking the Salto Morato Natural Heritage Reserve.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina’s capital is a vibrant and eclectic mix of Latin and European influences. Enjoy an overnight stay to explore the city and spend the evening savoring a three-course Argentine dinner during a home-hosted visit with a local resident. Or depart Buenos Aires to enjoy an overland tour to marvel at the natural beauty of the magnificent Iguazú Falls.

Falkland Islands (Port Stanley)
More than 300 miles off the coast of South America lies the rugged archipelago of the Falkland Islands. Some 60 distinct bird species breed on the islands, including five different species of penguins and some of the world’s largest colonies of albatross. Spend two days exploring these sparsely inhabited islands; a canvas of unspoiled nature and diverse fauna.

Explore Antarctica
Explore the “Last Continent,” covered in ice and teeming with penguins, seals, whales and other wildlife. On exposed land, colorful lichens, basalt cliffs and rocky beaches provide refuge for a variety of breeding petrels and penguins. Stand within sight of Antarctica’s majestic mountains. Watch glaciers calve into the sea while seals nap and penguins squabble as they tend to their stony nests. From the comfort of your ship, simply marvel at the majesty of your surroundings.

Ushuaia, Argentina
Often referred to as the “End of the Earth,” Ushuaia is the world's southernmost city. Depart Ushuaia by charter flight to Buenos Aires. Continue your journey home or choose to explore more with one of our post-cruise land extension packages.

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