Crystal Esprit, Turquoise Coast Yachting ex Antalya to Kusadasi

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10 Night Cruise departing from Antalya to Kusadasi onboard Crystal Esprit.

10 Night Cruise departing from Antalya to Kusadasi onboard Crystal Esprit.

This land of historical treasures and intricacies is revealed during five overnight stays, highlighting the colorful architecture rivaled only by illuminated seaside horizons, and centuries of history as diverse as the flavorful local specialties.

Highlights of this Cruise:

Adjectives defy description of this ancient harbor town, surrounded by cliffs, beautiful beaches and waters in every hue of turquoise and blue. See Hadrian’s Gate, the triumphal arch honoring the Roman emperor, and the historic Kizil Kule “red” tower, symbol of a city rich in beautiful landscapes of both mountain and sea.

Founded by the Phoenicians and a major trading hub under Persian rule, Finike’s history reflects empires ranging from Alexander’s to the Ottomans. Beyond the wide sandy beach, journey through orange groves to explore ancient ruins in Lymira, where the necropolis of Pericles overlooks his former kingdom, as well as Arykanda, built upon five large terraces with magnificent views.

This is the place to dive in, hike up, paddle on and soar over. A charming harbor town with welcoming, walkable promenades and traditional architecture, Kaş is an excellent starting point for all manner of outdoor pursuits, surrounded by bays perfect for ship-wreck diving, the stunning Taurus Mountains and ancient ruins to add some intrigue to the adventure, including vestiges of Antiphellos, the original Lycian town that settled here.

On the Turkish Mediterranean, this high-end resort town with a Greek fishing heritage has retained its Ottoman-era character, beauty and charm despite its modernity. Ladders lead to the sea, where a small beach is hemmed by mountains. Visit the Blue Cave, named for its dazzling sapphire-sheen and sun-drenched waters.

On the tip of the Datça Peninsula sits what remains of the 400 B.C. city of Knidos, today boasting hillside groves of olive, almond and fruit trees. Once this perfectly perched city on the peninsula was a major hub of maritime transport, once welcoming St. Paul during his journey to Rome for trial. The Temple of Aphrodite Euploia, Hellenistic lower theatre, and the sundial that dates back to Knidos’ origin offer visible displays of the city’s proud legacy of innovation.

Deserted beaches, olive groves and vine-shaded cafés dot this little-discovered, rough-hewn town where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet. Ancient Greeks believed this peninsula was created by Zeus himself, so gorgeous it is with craggy pine-crested hills marching to the aquamarine sea.

From day to night, Marmaris is alive with activity. Shops, restaurants and a bustling waterfront dock sparkle under sun and stars alike. Beyond the buzz lie historical sites and natural landscapes characteristic of this pivotally positioned locale, including Caunos archaeological site, the meandering Dylan River and lovely Isztuzu Beach, where sea turtles can be spotted sunning themselves.

Rich with natural beauty and colorful history, Rhodes represents one of the most architecturally varied locations in Europe. Hellenistic, Byzantine, Medieval and Turkish influences intermingle with abundant sunshine and dry air to cast a magnificent light over the island that the ancients dedicated to Apollo, the God of Light.

The Greek isle of Patmos has a rich Christian heritage - the Monastery of Saint John was founded in 1088 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, as is the Cave of the Apocalypse, the grotto where John the Apostle received the visions he recorded in the Book of Revelation. The island’s white-sand beaches, secluded coves and beautiful marina make it a popular destination for worshippers of the sun.

A lovely seaside resort town on the Aegean coast, Kusadaşi is famous for sparkling waters, sandy beaches and enticing shops filled with designer clothing and hand-woven carpets and leather goods. More than these modern trappings, it is the gateway to Ephesus – the UNESCO-listed, 4,000 year old city – as well as the Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World), Basilica of St. John, and House of the Virgin Mary.

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