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7 Night Cruise sailing from Baltra roundtrip aboard Celebrity Xploration.

7 Night Cruise sailing from Baltra roundtrip aboard Celebrity Xploration.

Celebrity Xploration: Outfitted with a wealth of luxuries that cater to her 16 guests, designed not just for travel, but for exploration of the Galapagos Islands,her environmentally sound design helps preserve this immaculate archipelago.

Highlights of this cruise:

Baltra Island, or Isla Baltra, is a small island of the Galápagos Islands. Also known as South Seymour, Baltra is a small flat island located near the center of the Galápagos.The island is very arid and vegetation consists of salt bushes, prickly pear cactus and palo santo trees. It is the only island of the Galápagos which is not part of the national park, but navy territory. This is also the reason why there are no visitor sites on the islands.

The main airport of the Galapagos Islands is located on Baltra island. There are a few souvenir shops near the airport, however most people just stay long enough to take the bus to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz (Galapagos) or to the docks to go to their cruiseboat.

Rabida island is one of the Galapagos islands, located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is known for its red sand beaches and landscape studded with small volcanic craters along sharp slopes and cliffs. A saltwater lagoon is inhabited by flamingos and pelicans can be seen nesting behind the beach.

Visitors to Rabida can take a 15-20 minute walk to a cliff overhang with fantastic views of the ocean, lagoon and red cliffs. There is also excellent snorkeling opportunities where sharks and manta rays are often seen.

Isla Floreana
Isla Floreana is one of the oldest of the Galapagos Islands, located 4 -5 hours west of Espanola. It is best known for its colorful history of buccaneers, whalers, convicts, and colonists. A highlight on the island is the post barrel at Post Office Bay, where visitors can send post cards. Another is a snorkeling site called Devil’s Crown, located just off Punta Cormorant. Here visitors can snorkel inside a volcano crater filled with schools of colorful fish.

At Punta Cormorant there are two highly contrasting beaches. The landing beach is of volcanic origin and is composed of olivine crystals, giving it a greenish tinge. At the end of the short trail is a carbonate beach of extremely fine white sand. Formed by the erosion of coral skeletons, it is a nesting site for green sea turtles.

San Cristobal
San Cristóbal (Chatham) is the easternmost island in the Galápagos archipelago, and one of the oldest geologically. The capital of the archipelago, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, lies at the south-western tip of the island.

An easy walk from town Frigatebird Hill offers a fantastic vista. San Cristobal's highlands are sprinkled with farms, the island's first settlement El Progresso and El Junco, the only freshwater lake in Galapagos.

Red-footed, blue-footed and masked boobies make their home on the eastern side of the island at Punta Pitt. A two-hour hike down shore from Punta Pitt wild tortoises can be seen at La Galapaguera.

Cruise to spectacular Kicker Rock, or Leon Dormido, the jagged remains of an old tuff cone whose flanks are covered with seabirds.

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