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2 Night Cruise sailing from Halong Bay roundtrip aboard Violet.

2 Night Cruise sailing from Halong Bay roundtrip aboard Violet.

Day 1 Marina - Cua Van - Cave - Mooring
Embark on an enchanting Halong Bay journey as you acquaint yourself with the amenities on board our vessel. Witness the breath-taking scenery from the sun deck during our initial hours of cruising. Our first destination is Cua Van, a floating fishing villages in Halong Bay, which some fishermen still use as a base for their fishing and aquacultural activities. Glide through this serene area in a small bamboo boat rowed by locals, offering a glimpse into the village and understand how once whole families use to life on water here. For the more active ones, take a kayak and paddle around the floating hamlet for a very personal exploration (complimentary only for 2-night stays).

Next, we transfer by tender to Tien Ong cave, providing evidence of human civilization dating back to 10,000 – 8,000 BC. This small cave provides some fascinating understandings of Halong Bay's geological history. Returning to the ship, we sail to the overnight mooring area, where the "blue hour" unveils Halong Bay's magical beauty. Relax on the sun deck with your favourite drink, absorbing the tranquil moment. Engage in a cooking class with our chef, practicing classic Vietnamese recipes to impress your loved ones at home later.

As evening descends, a multi-course à la carte dinner is served. If you like, join in later for an on-board presentation about the bay's unique features and secrets. Alternatively, try your hand at squid fishing with our staff for a delightful and entertaining experience. Spend the rest of the evening embracing the magical landscapes in the heart of Halong Bay, where once upon a time, sparkling jewels cascaded from heavenly dragons.

Day 2 Sung Sot Cave - Kayaking - Pearl Farm – Mooring
Awaken to the gentle waves and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, complemented by pastries in the dining room. Engage in the morning Tai Chi class on the sun deck for a harmonious start amid the scenic surroundings. Embark on the day boat outing to explore the some truly unique sights of Halong Bay. During the sailing to our first stop, the impressive Sung Sot Cave, breakfast is served on our day boat.

Spanning 10,000 square meters, Sung Sot features two chambers with the outer one adorned with stalactite chandeliers and the inner chamber known as the grand "opera house." Marvel at the pond, plant life, and stunning rock formations crafted over millions of years. We had back to the boat for some relaxing time before you have the chance to explore the marine landscape by kayak. The cliffs stretch vertically out of the water and you feel a sense of freedom while meandering through this green medley of water and tree-topped islets.

Continue the journey to a floating pearl farm, where you'll discover the intricate process of cultivating, harvesting, and processing various pearls. Witness a skilled technician delicately implanting seeds into oysters. Although the odds are low, successful outcomes yield beautiful gemstones after several years. Sail back to the mothership to return to your suite offering time for sunbathing, spa, or embracing the captivating "blue hour” on the open deck.

After dinner you have another chance to join the crew for a funny squid fishing activity or you just recline on a lounger, absorbing the serenity of Halong Bay before retiring for the night.

Day 3 Mooring - Ti Top Island - Marina
For early risers, tea, coffee and pastries are available in the dining room and a Tai Chi class is offered on the sun deck to awaken your mind and muscles.

We set sail to the small “Ti Top Island”. Formerly named Cat Nang, the island received a name change after former president Ho Chi Minh and the second man to orbit the Earth, Russian astronaut ‘Gherman Titov’, toured Halong Bay together in 1962. Since the cosmonaut was so fascinated with this picturesque islet, Uncle Ho would rename the island to honour Mr. Titov and as a gesture of friendship between their two countries.

Once arriving at Ti Top, you can go for a refreshing morning swim on a sandy beach or - if you prefer to be more active - climb 400 steps (20 min.) to the island’s top with stunning, panoramic views over the bay. Back on board, you can take a shower and freshen up. Enjoy the final moments of sailing as we head back to the harbour while breakfast is served. Relax on the sun deck or while savouring the last views of this iconic site.

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