A-Rosa Mia, 18 Nights Danube Delta ex Engelhartszell, Austria Return

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18 Night Cruise sailing from Engelhartszell, Austria onboard A-Rosa Mia

Humming soft waltz melodies, you stand on the deck, your thoughts back in imperial Vienna. Suddenly, however, you hear the strains of wild Balkan violin music and the vibrating background noise of city hustle and bustle. The Danube, the queen of rivers, has carried you further along her course. Incredible panoramic landscapes and fascinating city views of Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest line up like pearls on a string. These views tell tales of Romans and emperors, wars and cosmopolitanism. Famous monasteries on the banks of the river show what faith in God has driven humans to achieve. The Baroque architecture in the streets of the Danube cities make Germany’s historical apartment buildings seem positively spartan by comparison. But then all man-made creations reverently take a back seat, as it is nature’s turn to shine: in the awe-inspiring “Iron Gates” of the Carpathian Mountains, for example, or the mysterious Danube Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get ready for a true voyage to different worlds.

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